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Yoga is excellent for:
Losing weight
Back, neck and shoulder pain
Increasing fitness and stamina
Healing and preventing sports injuries
Stress and relaxation
Pregnancy – pre and post natal
Asthma, arthritis
Psychological problems, depression
Numerous other ailments and conditions.
This style of yoga is cardiovascular; you use body fat as fuel. This makes it one of the best ways to lose weight and develop muscle tone.

Yoga is unmatched as a means of improving body health and well-being. The main reason is that one exercises the spine in many different directions, thus supplying the central nervous system with abundant amounts of oxygenated blood. This is the key to human health.
Bonco Hot Yoga addresses three main aspects of health; Balance, Strength and Flexibility. All of which are of equal importance.


Single class drop-in:
Single class drop-in U18's: €8
10 class card: €100*