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Noreen’s Yoga Journey

I started going to Barry’s hot yoga classes two years ago. I was looking for a class that gave me the freedom to go whenever I wanted to. It wasn’t too long before I began taking the classes twice a week. I just got hooked!! I found my breath again and realized how much I had missed yoga after taking a long break from any classes while my kids were very young. I loved it so much that it inspired me to start my own yoga teacher training. Barry was always very approachable, encouraging and helpful about furthering my own yoga journey. In the past two years I have learned so much from Barry and met so many people through his classes and it’s all positive. I recommend them for anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort that will last you a lifetime.

By doing the classes you will see signs of flexibility and strength that you thought you’d never have. If you are into other sports you will begin to notice vast improvements and less injuries. Barry is the kind of instructor that makes the class easy-going and relaxed. He is very clear and percise in his instructions and he is a great advertisement for both Yoga and Pilates. He is there to answer any questions and loves when people show interest in exploring the subtle techniques to help in all the postures. So for anyone who feels like they need to improve posture, breathing, flexibility and strength,  give it a try… Who knows where the journey will take you!!!

Noreen O’Grady (Noga-Yoga)


Jacqueline struggled with back pain

I’ve been attending Barry’s Hot Yoga classes for over two years now and I can safely say it has been the only class I have stuck to as the benefits are endless.

There have been massive improvements in my range of movement and pain level improvements to lower back pain that I have been struggling with for years. Better still, my endless physio trips have come to an end.

In the 90 minutes class it provides calmness, time to focus and clears the mind, not to mention the physical appearance in muscle tone and building up muscle strength.

I haven’t looked back and would highly recommend Barry’s class as the benefits are endless.”   Jacqueline

Mark’s Hot Yoga Experience

I like to run and find that the hot yoga really helps with keeping me flexible, gives good overall strength and balances out the body. I’ve done 25+ classes at this stage but it never gets ‘easy’ as you really are going at your own pace. The heat is a challenge to adapt to – I’ve never sweated so much which really sets you up for the week ahead.– Mark

Gerry’s Hot Yoga & Pilates Story

I find Hot Yoga & Inferno Pilates a great combination, it provides me with intense workout’s that not only builds my strength and flexibility but also cardio and endurance, I feel very energetic and it has greatly improved my sleep.

Barry is a very inspirational instructor and encourages you to perform to the best of your ability in a friendly environment.– Gerry

Dee’s Hot Yoga Experience

Hot yoga is the best exercise class I have ever done. It increases flexibility, strength and enhances both your physical well being and mental health. The classes aren’t easy but are within anyone’s capabilities . The benefits of doing yoga in the heat become apparent after just a few classes . It encourages a healthy lifestyle just by attending class. I would recommend it to anyone of any age and physical ability.– Dee

Sean’s Bonco Hot Yoga Feedback

I love the hot yoga for many reasons. It has given me great flexibility and strength in my body. Any muscle aches I had playing football etc are long gone! I find I push myself further every week as Barry makes you feel comfortable and confident throughout the class. The Pilates is a totally different pace and workout but its highly addictive and I find results are immediate.– Sean


Aoife’s Bonco Hot Yoga Experience

Having practiced Hot Yoga twice a week for almost two years now I cannot recommend Barry’s Class highly enough.The tranquil environment and Barry’s expert instruction combine to ensure a challenging but extremely rewarding workout. Having initially begun the class to combat poor posture and lower back pain I soon began to notice significant improvements in almost every aspect of my physique. The physical benefits range from toned arms, tummy and thighs to improved posture and flexibility and the workout ultimately results in the creation of long,lean,strong and streamlined muscles the benefits of which carry through to almost every aspect of day to day life. Barry Hope this helps,if there is anything else you need just let me know!!– Aoife

Kate’s Bonco Experience

If your looking for something different to improve your health and well being . Hot yoga and hot Pilates has that in spades. I have been doing hot yoga for a couple of years. I feel the benefits of it every day in my muscle tone flexibility.
I then tried hot Pilates, now that’s a work out, its tough. But with no impact on joints it’s idea for me personally . Now I try to get a class of each in every week. I miss it if I don’t , I look on the time at yoga and Pilates as my time out from every day pressures ! There is no pressure to preform every one goes at their own pace in their own time . It’s amazing how quickly your body tone and posture improves. Hot Pilates and Hot Yoga are an investment in your well-being.” – Kate